Thursday, February 7, 2013

(Disturbing) Nanny Caught Smacking 5-month old Baby in the Face(Caught o...

A nanny was caught on camera slapping and abusing a small baby. The nanny is 52-year old Mamura Nasirova and she has been placed under arrest. On Feb. 6, Daily Mail explained that the mother of the 5-month-old girl suspected the nanny of abusing her child so she installed a video camera inside her home.

The nanny was caught on camera repeatedly slapping the baby, who at the time was under her care. A neighbor of the family, Margaret Meekins, was shocked when she learned of the nanny's actions but she revealed she had previously witnessed questionable behavior from the nanny. She told media sources,
"I seen her one time, she just dragged them along. I said, 'Don't drag them like that.' She said, 'They don't listen, you have to let them know who the boss is.'" Meekins said.

Nanny caught smacking baby in the FACE caught by a hidden camera.

The mother witnessed her daughter being abused while it was happening because the camera was synced to live feed. After she saw the nanny's disturbing behavior she rushed home to confront the woman.

She later notified police and Nasirova is in custody and bail was set at $l,000.

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