Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shocking New details Emerge of 'Amand Berry Torture Chamber' Cleveland P...

CLEVELAND -- With her captor standing nearby and threatening her life, Michelle Knight was forced to deliver the baby of Amanda Berry as Berry lay in a plastic baby pool to help contain "the mess," according to a police report obtained by Channel 3 News.

"Michelle stated that Ariel told her that if the baby died, that he'd kill her," the police report states.

The report then tells of the next few harrowing minutes as Knight fought for her own life and for the life of Berry's child, Jocelyn, who had stopped breathing during the birth.

Knight, the report said, put her mouth to the Jocelyn's mouth and "breathed for her" to keep them both alive.

The police report, provided to the Investigator Tom Meyer, provides the initial details given to police by Knight, Berry and Gina DeJesus of their decade of terror, from the point at which they became captives to the time they gained freedom.

Berry told police that Castro forgot to lock the "big inside door" of the home on Monday when he left the house to go to a nearby McDonald's, the report said.

Still, Berry was trapped because the storm door was locked and she could not open it. Berry was afraid to break open the storm door because "she thought Ariel (Castro) was testing her," the report said.

Instead, Berry tried to get the attention of neighbors to help her. Berry was eventually able to get out but was unsure of the details of her escape, she told police.

Once police arrived, they checked the basement and then walked to the second floor.

"As we neared the top of the steps, Officer Espada hollered out, 'Cleveland Police,' at which time ... Knight ran and threw herself into (Officer)  Espada's arms," the officer writing the report noted.  "We then asked if there was anyone else upstairs with her, when (DeJesus) came out of the bedroom. "

Espada then put Knight down and DeJesus jumped into the officer's arms.

The report also notes how Castro kept their presence in his house a secret for more than a decade.

Castro kept all three chained up in the basement but eventually letting "them free from the chains, to live upstairs on the second floor of Castro's Seymour Avenue home," the report states.

If they were allowed outside, it was only in the backyard and "they had to wear wigs and sunglasses and keep their heads down."

Castro also made sure that Jocelyn did not know the real names of Knight or DeJesus in case Jocelyn spoke their names in public when Castro took her out of the house.

While Berry gave birth to one child, now 6 years old, Knight was pregnant five times but forced to abort the baby, the report said.

Knight told police that Castro "starved her for at least two weeks, then he repeatedly punched her in the stomach until she miscarried."

DeJesus told police that she did not think she ever became pregnant during her captivity.

None of the women, nor the child, was allowed to see a doctor during their captivity, the report said.

The three women also told police how they were initially abducted.

Knight said she was in the area of West 106th Street and Lorain Avenue when Castro offered her a ride home in August 2002, the report said.

Instead, Castro took her to his house where he chained her up in the basement, the report said.

Public records show that the mother of two of Castro's children lived just up the street in the 2200 block of West 106th Street at the time.

Meanwhile, Berry was walking home in April, 2003 from Burger King on West 110th Street and Lorain Avenue when Castro offered her a ride home, the report said.

Castro told her that his son also worked at Burger King. DeJesus told police that Castro initially approached her with Castro's daughter, the report said. The two girls went to school together.

Castro later returned without his daughter and told DeJesus that he would give her a ride to his house so they could hang out, the report said.

Instead, like the other two girls, Castro drove DeJesus to his house.

That was in April 2004.

After the three girls escaped, police arrested Castro and his brother, Onil, in the McDonald's parking lot on Clark Avenue. Police blocked in Castro's blue Mazda Miata convertible.

After they were handcuffed, Onil Castro asked police if this was about his brother, Pedro. "If so, he's over at our mom's house on Hyde Avenue," the report states.

Police responding to the address found Pedro Castro passed out in the backyard of the home wearing a pair of shorts but no shirt.

All three of the Castro brothers were taken to the Second District Police Station.

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