Monday, January 28, 2013

Motorcyclist Nearly Crushed by Overturned Tractor in China

僥倖躲過被扁了拖車後車輛打翻了交叉路口的中國東部地區的摩托車騎手,視頻演示。英國電訊報 》 說,小姐附近發生在臨海市,浙江省。卡車司機被領導到寧波、 臨海市以北大約兩個小時。
A motorcycle rider in eastern China narrowly avoided being flattened by a tractor-trailer after the vehicle tipped over at an intersection, a video shows.

Britain's The Telegraph said the near-miss occurred in Linhai, in Zhejiang Province. The truck driver was headed to Ningbo, some two hours north of the Linhai.

The motorcycle driver hopped off his bike to avoid being flattened by the truck's trailer.

The big rig was making a turn at the intersection when it toppled, nearly crushing a motorcycle rider who was waiting at a red light.

The Telegraph said no one was injured.

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