Sunday, January 13, 2013

Easy Ways to Have a Healthy 9 months

Your first trimester doesn't have to be so overwhelming not even for a first time mom. Advice from a pro mothers that have up'd and done her duties as a first time mom would be every helpful.

  • Taking Prenatal vitamins and iron supplements as directed by your doctor. (Tip) keep in a place where you will remember them.
  • Drink lots of fluids mostly water. Try 8 glasses of water a day (Tip) you don't want to dehydrate your baby or yourself.
  • Just simply getting a good night sleep.(Tip) Don't try to work too hard you will lose your glow.
  • Eating balanced meals that include whole grain breads,cereals, fruits,vegetables, lean meat and dairy.
 And for your baby safety avoid.
  • Alcohol, cigarettes, second-hand smoke, paints etc, pesticides, and aerosol sprays.
  • X-rays like dental exam.
  • Limited your input on caffeine beverages like cola, teas, coffee etc.
  • Limit most fish, deli meat sushi and soft cheeses

For a complete list of advice refer to your doctor or provider

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